Weekly Programme / Weeklikse Program (22 – 28 May 2017 )



J. Schoeman

Break Detention

NJ Chowles

Monday,22 May 2017  (Day/Dag 6)

Junior Breaks

Senior Pouse


M. Cillié

I. van Zyl

Ruan Brink

M. McKenzie

JP Janse van Rensburg

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Koor: ATKV ATKV Applous

Bus to depart from school at 12:00

Staff: Y. Haarhoff, L. Viljoen, L. Gray, M. Grobler, M. Vermaas

Hockey: u/13A, u/13B and U/11 Girls Festival at St. Doms.

Bus depart at 13:15

Coaches: P. Gray, I. Linde & L. De Jager

Gr 3 Boekkontrole

FINKOM Vergadering


Tuesday,23 May 2017  (Day/Dag 7)

Junior Assembly:   – Duty/Diens Gr 1

Junior Breaks

Senior Pouse


M.van den Berg

L. de Jager

Liam Gray

R. de Meyer

L. Janse van Rensburg

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Wintersport: Piet Retief (Huttenpark)

Senior learners allowed to go home at 13:15 with Juniors. Buses will depart at 14:00

Hockey: Girls Mini Hockey Festival (St. Doms)

Bus depart from school at 13:15

Junior Koor: 8:30 na Drakensberg


Wednesday,24 May 2017  (Day/Dag 8)

Senior Assembly:   – Duty/Diens Gr 6

Junior Breaks

Senior Pouse


R. Delport

L. Viljoen

Tatum Griffiths

S. Charters

L. Wessels

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Family Photo’s / Familiefotos


Thursday,25 May 2017  (Day/Dag 9)

Junior Breaks

Senior Pouse


S. Cronje

M. Jonker

Coert Grobler

S. Patterson

M. Nkwanyana

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Ascension Day Service/ Hemelvaart Diens


Friday,26 May 2017  (Day/Dag 10)

Junior Breaks

Senior Pouse


W. Meyer

M. Van Heerden

Gielie Holder

A. Bain

M. van Niekerk

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Gr 5 Koekverkoping


Birthday: S. Charters

Foundation Phase Cluster Meeting (District Hall)


Saturday,27 May 2017

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Sing in Harmonie (Junior en Senior Koor)



Sunday,28 May 2017  

Activities / Aktiwiteite



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