Dear Parents


Please take note that a decision was taken at a meeting of the School Governing Body to implement study times during the June exam.
Parents may opt for one of the following options from Wednesday 21 June until Thursday 29 June:
1. For learners to stay at school until normal time and stay for a study session after the exam in certain classrooms.
2. For Grade 1-3 learners to go home at 13:00 where they can learn.
3. For learners in Grade 4-7 to go home at 13:15 to go and learn for the next day’s exam.

The buses will leave at 13:00 for grade 1 & 2 learners and at 13:30 for Grade 4-7 learners.

Parents Evening

Junior Phase Parents Evening will take place on Thursday 29 June. Reports will be handed out here.

Learners in Grade 4-7 will receive their reports in the first week on next term.

The school closes on Friday, 30 June,  at 10:00.



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