Dear Parents


Welcome to the 2018 school year.  We trust that this year will be an exceptional one for you and your child here at the Hutties.

We would particularly like to welcome all new learners and parents to the Huttie family.  We will ensure that your child will make friends quickly and get involved in the school programme and activities.

Please take note of the following important matters:

  1. INFORMATION EVENINGS: Information evenings have been planned for parents with their children’s register teachers.  At these meetings the teachers will give parents more information on what to expect during the year that lies ahead.  It is important that you attend these meetings in the best interest of your child.  Meetings will commence at 17:30.

Grade 1: Wednesday 17 January

Grade 2 : Thursday 18 January

Grade 3 & 7: Monday 22 January

Grade 4: Tuesday 23 January

Grade 5: Wednesday 24 January

Grade 6: Thursday 25 January

Grade 1-3 parents must go directly to your child’s register class. Grade 4-7 parents meet in the school hall before moving to the respective register classes.


  1. STAFF: The following members of staff have joined our dynamic team: Mrs Marcel Oosthuizen (English Home Language Gr 6 & 7), Mr Eric Blandin de Chalain (LO, Tech, Geog, Hist), Mrs Marié Jonker (Gr 3 Afr), Ms Dioné Forrester and Ms Megan Steenkamp (Class assistants), Mrs Charmain Swanepoel Grade RR (Huttenpark Kleutersentrum).  Mrs Debbie Motte has been appointed in the HippoTique. We trust that they will be very happy at the Hutties.
  2. SCHOOL TIMES: Please take note of the school times: School starts at 07:30 promptly for all learners, and the last bell rings at 13:15 (Gr 1 & 2), 13:30 (Gr 3) and 14:00 (Gr 4-7) from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays Grade 1 – 3 learners will be dismissed at 12:30 and the rest of the school at 13:30. Please ensure that your child/ren is/are at school ON TIME.  Prefects will lock all the gates at 07:30 and any late arrivals will have to report to the front office with their parents. Please adapt your transport arrangements accordingly. Ensure that your child is at school by 07:25.


  1. WAITING CLASS: For the convenience of Gr 1-3 learners a Waiting Class is in operation where learners can wait for their older brothers and sisters or parents who pick them up by 14:00.  This is a free service.  Please make use of it and do not allow children to wait unattended in the road in front of the school.


  1. AFTERCARE: A well-equipped Aftercare Centre is available at school where your child/ren can be accommodated every afternoon from 13:00 to 17:15.  This is ideal for parents who work full time and have a problem with where to leave their child/ren.  Two full time ladies are employed by the school.  All learners will also go to a homework session of one hour with Mrs C van Rooyen (Gr 1 & 2) and Mrs M Jonker & J Grobler (Gr 3-7).

We believe that we offer a first class service and provide a place of safety.

The tariffs for 2018 are as follows:

13:00 to 15:00 – R 195 for a 10 day coupon or R 19,50 per day.

13:00 to 17:00 – R 235 for a 10 day coupon or R 23,50 per day.


Learners without a coupon and who only visit the Aftercare Centre when the need arises, pay R 35,00 per day.

Coupons are available from the finance office.

Holiday Aftercare:

From 07:30 to 12:00: R 23.50 per day

From 07:30 to 17:00: R 47,00 per day


  1. BUS SERVICE: Please take note that the price for a bus trip is R 10,00 per trip

(R 20 per day), 5 day coupon: R 100.  Coupons are available from the finance office. Routes start from school at 06:50, 13:30 and 14:15.  Please contact Mr L Gray for further details.

A fixed route has been set.  We can also only accommodate a certain number of learners on each bus.  Please contact the office if your child has as yet not been registered as a regular passenger, as to ensure that there is space available for your child. You will be supplied with the necessary application forms.


  1. SPORT: The sport practice days and coaches have been included for your perusal. Encourage your child to take part in at least one activity per term.
  2. ATHLETICS MEETING: (Gr 4-7) The Inter- House Meeting will take place on Friday 26 January at Amajuba School. The meeting commences at 08:30 and the parents of the Grade 4 to 7 athletes must please ensure that they are at the Amajuba Athletic Track by 08:00. The Grade 1 to 3 learners will come to school at Huttenpark as always.



  1. SCHOOL FEES 2018: At the AGM of Parents, school fees were approved as indicated below:

Grades 1 – 7:  R 11 540 per learner

Grade 1:  R 11 540 of which R 700 was paid in October, then an instalment of R490 in January and R 1 190 pm from February to October.

Grade 2-7: Normal payments can be made over 10 months from the end of January:     R 1 190 in January and from February to the end of October R 1 150 pm.               No discount of school fees paid in advance will be given this year.


Further discounts:  If a parent has 3 or more children in the school, please contact

the office to see if you qualify for further reductions in school fees.  The third child

will qualify for a 50% reduction, but each request will be processed on merit.  Children 1 and 2 will still pay the full amounts.

Cut- off date:  Monthly payments are due before or on the 7th day of each following month.  After this date legal steps will be taken immediately.  Summons will be forwarded each term and all legal costs will be added to your account.

Arrangements:  Parents are advised that any arrangements made in 2017 regarding school fees are now null and void and a new application has to be made in writing as soon as possible.  Address all correspondence to the Governing Body Chairperson, please.

Exemptions:  In certain cases some parents do qualify for exemption or partial exemption from school fees.  Documentation in this regard is available from Mrs Sheila Lizen, the financial secretary.  All applications must reach the school by 28 February 2018.  You will also need to be able to motivate your request to the Governing Body at an interview which you will have to attend.


ELECTRONIC BANKING:  details as follows:

Nedbank / Branch Code: 164826

Cheque Account / Account Number: 1648094295


Please indicate clearly on the deposit slip your child’s name and surname, his/her grade or the reference number as shown on the account.  Proof of payment must be emailed to or faxed to the office at 0867321499.  Take note of the new fax number.

We request that, if possible, you pay each child’s account separately.

Please make arrangements timeously if you encounter any problems regarding payment of school fees.

All tour, clothing, excursion etc. monies paid by EFT – :  clearly indicate child’s name, grade and precisely what the money is for, otherwise it will be credited to your child’s school fees account.  We still receive monies with no indications for whom or where it should be allocated – and these funds are lying unclaimed on our books.


Thank you to all parents who have already paid this year’s school fees.

Remember that we have a debit order facility which ensures that you do not forget to pay school fees late.


  1. MEDICINE POLICY: According to law, medicine should not be administered to learners. To accommodate this we have designed a form on which parents can give permission to the school to administer certain medicines.  If you do not approve in writing then no medicine will be given to your child when he/she is not feeling well and you as parent will be contacted to collect your child from school if an urgent situation arises.

Please fill in the form and send it back to the register teacher as soon as possible.


  1. LUNCHES: Just a reminder that wholesome meals are available at R 28 per meal. (Meals e.g. Macaroni & cheese; Cottage Pie; meat balls, mash & peas; wors & vegetables etc.). Meals are served at 12:00 in the Lapa. If you would like to order, please send the money and the order form back to school.  Lunch will be available from Monday 22 January and menus will be sent out in this week.


  1. COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS: Most people these days have access to the internet. Please visit our Huttenpark website @ for all the latest information about the school as well as all the activities.

Register here as well so that you will receive the weekly programme and all circulars via e-mail.  Our staff really go to great trouble to keep this website up to date and interesting.  It is a quick and highly effective way to keep up to date with all school matters where, after all, your child spends a large part of each day. Please use the correct channels to contact your child’s class or subject teacher to discuss any matters with them.

Please be very careful with your Facebook communications.  This is NOT where you should discuss sensitive matters – rather approach the relevant person; otherwise it can lead to an embarrassing situation for all parties involved.

 THE SMS SYSTEM:  Our SMS system is also a very effective way of communication.  We use this system to send you general messages as well as address more personal matters: e.g. to inform you that your child is absent from school, has received a detention letter or even to congratulate you on a special achievement or to see their test results etc.  Please download the Principal Talk+ App from the APP store and refer to the school website for instructions on how to register. The sms system does allow you to answer or write a sms.   It is essential that we have your correct cell phone number.  Please inform us immediately of any changes.


  1. CLOTHING AVAILABLE FROM THE HIPPOTIQUE: Do come to the school shop (HippoTique) to buy a “Huttie supporter” shirt for yourself to wear to any sports activity.

Boys and girls can also buy a Huttie cap or a wide-brimmed hat to protect themselves from the hot sun.  They are allowed to wear them to school as well as to sport.

A reminder that the HippoTique is located behind the admin block – where Huttenpark clothing as well as sportswear is available. Those of you who have visited the shop will know that it is fully operational and that we are able to offer the school uniform at more affordable prices.

  1. SUN PROTECTION: The extreme heat we are experiencing currently makes it so much more important to ensure that your child is protected from the sun. Please make use of a SPF30+ sunblock every morning and let your child/ren wear a school hat or cap and ensure that they bring enough water to school to drink.


  1. SCHOOL BAGS: I would like to remind you regarding a circular that went out in 2017 regarding the school bag policy. No cases with wheels are to be brought to school with the exception of those learners who are in grade 5, 6 or 7 and had the bags in 2017.

We wish you and your child an unforgettable year.  All the best for what lies ahead in this year.









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