Weekly Programme

Programme / Weeklikse Program  (8 – 14 October 2018 )

Please find the weekly program for the following week. Please take note that some of the activities are subject to change

HOD: E. van der Merwe Break Detention L. Viljoen


Tuesday,9 October 2018  (Day/Dag 2)

Junior Assembly: – Duty/Diens

Junior Senior Prefect
W. Meyer N. Sharp Pieter van der Merwe
A le Roux NJ Chowles

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Schools Open
Staff meeting
FINKOM Meeting


Wednesday,10 October 2018  (Day/Dag 3)

Junior Senior Prefect
A. Bain P. Gray Reuben Claassen
A. Buitendach R. Wessels

Activities / Aktiwiteite

FINKOM Meeting
IQMS Meeting – First Break
All marks in by 8:00
Cricket: u/11A vs Monument (Huttenpark)
Cricket: u/11B/10 vs Monument (Monument)


Thursday,11 October 2018  (Day/Dag 4)

Junior Senior Prefect
A. Pienaar Y. Haarhoff Reuben Burger
ACM Le Roux Z. Mbatha

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Cricket: u/11 vs NRS (NRS)
Cricket: u/13A vs NRS (Huttenpark)
Kultuurkomitee Vergadering (Personeelkamer)
Rugby: Newcastle Streek Rugby Vergadering (Lapa)
Subject Meeting: HL
Sector 5 CPF Meeting in Hall


Friday,12 October 2018  (Day/Dag 5)

Junior Senior Prefect
C. van Rooyen A. Le Grange Selina Lee
D. Forrester E. Blandin de Chalain

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Cricket: Huttenpark Pro 10 Festival
Junior Koor optrede by Ferrum
Subject Meeting: FAL
Tennis: Huttenpark vs St. Doms (St. Doms)
Verjaarsdag: E. van der Merwe


Saturday,13 October 2018

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Saal: Newcastle Gemeenskapskerk
Radikale Redenaars (Finaal) – Garsfontein
Cricket: Huttenpark Pro 10 Festival


Sunday,14 October 2018  

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Ferrum Mud Challenge


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