Weekly Programme

Programme / Weeklikse Program  (15 – 21 April 2019 )


Please find the weekly program for the following week. Please take note that some of the activities are subject to change

HOD: L. Gray Break Detention L. Viljoen


Monday,15 April 2019  (Day/Dag 1)


Junior Senior Prefect
ACM Le Roux N. Sharp Luné Holder
C. van Rooyen NJ Chowles  

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Senior Choir: Practice (17:30 – 19:00)
Birthday: S. Cronje
SGB Meeting
Subject Meeting: Maths
Planning for Week 3 & 4 to M. Grobler


Tuesday,16 April 2019  (Day/Dag 2)

Junior Assembly: D. McDonald- Duty/Diens

Junior Senior Prefect
D. Forrester P. Gray Siyanda Khumalo
D. McDonald R. Wessels  

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Wintersport vs Arborpark (Please see updated programme on Website)
Hockey: u/11 & u/13 Girls Festival (St. Doms)
Hall: FEDSAS Training
Subject Meeting: Music
School Closes at 13:30 for all Gr 3 – 7 Learners.

D. McDonald (A. Bain)


Wednesday,17 April 2019  (Day/Dag 3)

Senior Assembly: E. v/d Merwe- Duty/Diens

Junior Senior Prefect
K. De Jager Y. Haarhoff Thabo Khumalo
L. Beukes Z. Mbatha  

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Hall: Parents Evening (Gr 4 – 7) 17:00 – 19:00
Subject Meeting: LO


Thursday,18 April 2019  (Day/Dag 4)

Junior Senior Prefect
M. Cillié A. Strydom Monique Luus
M. McKenzie E. Blandin de Chalain  

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Subject Meeting: HL
Gr 1 Cake sale
Schools close at 12:00 for long weekend.


Friday,19 April 2019  (Day/Dag 5)

Junior Senior Prefect

Activities / Aktiwiteite

Good Friday ( Public Holiday)


Saturday,20 April 2019

Activities / Aktiwiteite




Sunday,21 April 2019  

Activities / Aktiwiteite



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