The D6 connect App is the preferred way to  assist the parents and the school to communicate during the lock down period. Currently, we only have about 35% of our parents making use of the App.

This app allows the parents to see the following information regarding their child. This information is only available to you as parent.

  1. All the latest news from the school.
  2. All emergency messages from the school.
  3. Up to date calendar with all school dates
  4. Personal information regarding your child
    1. All academic marks (All years)
    2. All transgressions
    3. Finances
    4. Absenteeism
    5. Student info
  5. You will also be able to inform the school when your child is absent and send a photo of the medical certificate or note.
  6. Make use of the app to pay for school activities, school fees and tours. You can use it to load money onto the wrist band that will allow them to purchase items at the tuck shop or clothing shop (HippoTique). You can even use the app and your cellphone to pay at the tuck shop or HippoTique yourself.
  7. You will be able to change any of your details on the system (Cellphone number, Email address, Physical address etc.)

You can use this app on your cellphone/tablet and/or computer.

Please use the following  links to install the app:

Android Play Store : Download D6 Connect

Apple App store: Download D6 Connect

Windows computer app: PC Download


Registering the app:


Please make sure you are registered as a parent. If you are not registered as a parent you will not be able to see all the information.


Please see example above. You need to see the head and shoulder icon and not the eye icon. If you only have the eye icon you are only a follower or viewer and need to register again. (Uninstall the app and start again)

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