Dear Parents



It is OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE that ALL parents read the whole document until the end.


  1. If your child shows any symptoms of the Covid-19 virus (high temperature, a dry cough, difficulty breathing, feeling weak and tired, or a sore throat) they must please stay at home. Please monitor them regularly.
  2. Ensure that your child’s mask is clean and washed daily. (The school will supply each child with 2 masks: one is free and the other at a cost of R10)
  3. Please regularly make your child aware of the basic hygiene rules: wash your hands often, sanitize your hands, and don’t touch your face, no hugging.
  4. School bag has been sanitized
  5. Learners should have their own small bottle of sanitizer, as well as wet wipes.
  6. Learners will be informed in advance in which class they will be divided, hereby limiting the number of learners in a class to 17. This will be done via WhattsApp.
  7. Learners are to wear school uniform.
  8. Pack a lunch box.



  1. The school gates will only open at 07:20 and close at 07:45. Learners are to remain in parents vehicles until the gates open and should not gather at the gate.
  2. Parents are to drop learners at school but must remain in the parking area until your child has passed the screening area and has been allowed into school.
  3. Learners are to line up at gate 5 (Which is the aftercare gate).
  4. They should stand on the painted marks on the ground.
  5. Your child’s temperature will be taken by the HOD on duty and this will be recorded on a class list. They will be asked the 5 basic health questions.  A notification is at the gate with the questions which they can read while waiting in the row. When a child does not pass the screening test he/she will return to their parent’s vehicle.
  6. A sanitizing dish will be placed on the ground through which each learner must walk.
  7. Learners should then go straight to their register classes where they will be met by the register teachers. Each class has been supplied with sanitizing liquid, paper towels, an anti-bacterial air spray and a bleach.
  8. In order to enable social distancing marks have been painted in front of every class where learners should line up.
  9. Learners who develop symptoms during the day will be taken to the isolation room (school hall). They will be screened again and if necessary you will be contacted to come and collect your child.
  10. The windows in the classrooms will be opens to ensure a fresh breeze flows through the class, the desks, chairs, light switches and door handles will all be sanitized the previous day.
  11. Learners will be placed individually at a desk.
  12. Learners will remain in the class for the whole day. Teachers will move from class to class.
  1. No personal items, such as pens, pencils, rubbers, exercise books, text books ext. may be exchanged or lent.
  2. Learners will sit and eat in class during breaks. No food may be shared.
  1. Areas have been allocated for each class to “play” during break. Social distancing is still of the utmost importance.
  2. No ball games or contact games will be allowed. Two staff members will do duty at each of the play areas.
  3. After breaks learners will move back to their classes by still maintaining social distancing.
  4. Desks and chairs will be sanitized three times: 09:00, 11:00 and 13:00.
  5. At the end of the day the time that learners will be dismissed will be staggered with 5 minute intervals. Please be on time to fetch your children.
  6. No extra mural activities will take place.
  7. Masks must be worn at all times.
  8. After care will be available.



  1. When a learner wants to go to the bathroom, his/her hands will be sanitized before leaving the class.
  2. The door of the bathroom will remain open so that learners need not touch the door handle.
  3. Toilets will be marked per grade. Only certain grades will use specific toilets.
  4. The toilet must be flushed after use. A piece of toilet paper must be used to flush the handle and to open the toilet door.  The paper must be placed in a dustbin placed in the bathroom.
  5. Toilets and basins will be cleaned on a regular basis according to Departmental regulations.
  6. Special foam soap containers have been installed in each bathroom.
  7. Hands must be washed and dried with a paper towel, which must be placed in the dustbin.
  8. Once the learner is back in class his/her hands will be sanitized once again.
  9. Masks are to be worn at all times.
  10. A anti-bacterial spray has been installed in each bathroom to eliminate any germs. This container will spray automatically every 15 minutes.


  1. The school’s cleaning team will come in after school to sanitize all desks, desks and classrooms. The bathrooms will once again be sanitized.
  2. Windows will be closed.
  3. A control form has been designed which will be filled out every time the bathrooms and classrooms are cleaned.


  1. The DoE has provided us with a revised academic plan with reduced content.
  2. This plan is subject related, which together with the grade head has been refined to the fit in with our school’s unique situation.
  3. Each class with be divided into two groups of no more than 17 learners per class. The one group will be attending class with the subject teacher and the other by a supervision teacher.
  4. The lesson will be presented via Zoom and projected onto a big screen at the adjacent classroom. Learners will still be able to ask questions or ask for assistance if needed.
  5. With the following lesson presented by the same class teacher, the teacher will change classrooms so that each learner gets an opportunity to be in direct contact with that specific class teacher.
  6. Learners that stay at home due to medical reasons will be able to download the lesson.


  1. The school must be advised immediately of any learners that suffer with chronic illnesses, in doing so special arrangements can be made.
  2. Any learner remaining at home for whatever reasons it may be, must make the necessary arrangement with the specific register teacher. This arrangement must be made via WhattsApp on or BEFORE day 1.
  3. Learners that have medical reasons (Asthma, diabetes, heart problems, etc) which the parents feel will not be safe for them to return must request a medical certificate from their doctor and together with a covering letter e-mail both to the following e-mail address
  4. Learners/parents can come and collect copied notes from the school only if arrangements have been made via e-mail beforehand. The specific subject teacher will provide you with their e-mail address.


  1. The staff at school will be busy preparing lessons which will be sent to learners via e-mail, WhatsApp, Google Classroom or Zoom.
  2. Please would you assist your child in doing this homework.
  3. We still have no indication as to when the other grades will be phased in.


  1. A Covid-19 Management Committee, as well as a Health and Security Committee have been established to implement the required measures and to do monitoring.
  2. The school has already been sanitized by a professional company before any staff members returned. This includes the admin block, the hall, bathrooms and all classrooms which will be used.
  3. Initially the Tuck shop will not be open.
  4. There will be a Wi-Fi hotspot in front of the school which parents can use to download the free lessons. You can remain in your motor vehicle and use the school internet access. This service is complementary from Crazy Web.  (More information will follow).
  5. Learners will be allowed to wear face masks (shields).
  6. Any staff member of learner with flu symptoms must please stay home and self-isolate for two weeks.
  7. No Covid-19 jokes will be allowed, or learners pretending to sneeze on anyone else.
  8. All parents, visitors or service providers may not enter the school premises without making an appointment and filling out a special access form. All visitors must report to the admin office in which a visitor’s card will be issued to them once screening has been done. The same procedure will be done before being allowed to go to the HippoTique.
  9. An on-line purchasing system will be put in place for purchases from the HippoTique. (More information will follow)
  • No parents will be allowed to wait for their children at the school gates or anywhere on the school grounds. Parents are to remain in their motor vehicles.



  1. There are three options available:

Learners remaining at home due to medical reasons. (Refer to Point 1.2 for method of learning)


  • Parents keeping their children at home due to fear of the well-

being of their children concerning the Covid-19 epidemic.

  • In doing so the school and staff will still support your child.
  • You continue paying your school fees.
  • Learners will receive work from the school via e-learning.
  • Notes can be collected from the school.
  • You must oversee that the work gets done and if necessary returned back to school.
  • Assessments will still take place.
  • Exams will be written at school.


  • Parents which will prefer to have their children home schooled:
  • Parents wanting to have their children taught via home schooling must notify the school immediately, so that we can remove your child from our system. In doing so, no correspondence, learning material, e-learning or information will be received from the school.
  • These children must be registered with an accredited home schooling institution and proof thereof must be sent to the school.
  • Please keep us informed regarding your child’s situation.

Our aim regarding all these regulations is to ensure safety of your child at all times.  Your support is critical to enable us to reach our goals.

Please also remember that children are dependent on social inter-action for development.  Please think carefully about your child not being part of the school set-up. This important choice rests with you and we will respect whatever choice you make.


We look forward to welcoming our first group of learners on Monday.

This information may change as and when other grades return to school.









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