Dear Parents.

As you are aware, the school and education as a whole needs to rely more on a blended education model. During the COVID-19 Pandemic we had to quickly learn how to reach our learners by various means.

As a school we have decided to use one platform to send the work home. We have decided to use the Google Classroom app. There are many advantages of using this platform to send work home.

Some of the advantages are:

  • The app can be used on more than one device (can be used on a computer, laptop and tablet) This will assist the parent who has to take their phone to work. If the learner has their own cellphone or tablet or there is a computer at home, they can load Google Classroom on all of the devices.
  • Learners can post questions directly  to teachers and can see questions that the other learners posted.
  • Additional activities can be done in the classroom and learners can post work from the app.
  • Videos, links and documents can be shared.

Please look at the following video created be Mr Schoeman on how to join your Google Classroom.

The Google Classroom can also be used to assist with revision work and interventions before a test or the exams. All the work will be available until the end of the year. Additional work and practice exercises can be loaded to assist learners before the test.

All classes have received their class codes for all the subjects and quite a few parents have joined the classes. The staff have started posting work on the groups and are very excited to have all the learners working on the app. A big thank you to all the parents who have joined the groups. We hope the other parents join us soon. If we can request that where possible to please create an email address for your child. This way their name will appear in Google classroom. I would recommend using Google Family Link to create a safe and managed Google account for your child. We have seen that a number of learners have their own devices. These include cell phones and tablets. By using Google Family Link you can manage how they use these devices.

Google Family Link will assist parents to monitor their children’s usage of these devices. Some of the advantages include:

  • Viewing their activities on the device. (Games, Apps and sites)
  • Manage what apps are installed and what can be installed. It will also allow you to block some apps
  • Google Family will also show you all the teacher-recommended apps.
  • You can set limits on the amount of screen-time your child is allowed to spend per day. You can even lock and switch off the phone at bedtime.
  • It will allow to see the location of the device is at any given time.
  • It allows you to create an email address for your child and allows you to monitor it at all time.
  • You will receive a report on a regular basis on your child’s phone usage.
  • Block inappropriate sites on the device.

I hope that this will assist all the parents and learners to join our google classrooms and start the blended learning experience.


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