U/11 NKZN Cricket

Congratulations to Denva Shaw who has been selected for the u/11 NKZN Cricket team. He will participate in the KZN Inland trials. Well done Denva. We are very proud of your achievements.

Huttenpark u/13 NKZN Cricket

u13 NKZN Cricket

Huttenpark is very proud of the Hutties that were selected for the NKZN u/13 Cricket team. Good luck at the KZN-inland Trials

Zander du Preez, Daniel Ikothela, Reinhardt Lues, Luke Janisch, James Schnetler.

Huttenpark Mini-Cricket Festival Fixtures

Please find the fixtures for the 2019 Mini-Cricket Festval:

Mini cricket Tournament fixtures 2019 U7

Mini cricket Tournament fixtures 2019 U8

Mini cricket Tournament fixtures 2019 U9

Huttenpark Amajuba Cricket / Krieket

Baie geluk aan die volgende seuns wat in die Amajuba Krieketspan ingesluit is:

o13 krieket.jpg

O/13: Zander du Preez, Daniel Ikothela, Reinhardt Lues, Luke Janisch, James Schnetler.

o11 Krieket.jpg

o/11: Denva Shaw, Jeandré Janse van Rensburg, Dominick Ranjith

We wish them luck at the NKZN Trials

Inter-house Cross-country

Our annual Inter-house Cross-country meeting will be held on Thursday, 13 June 2019.

Please find the program of events below.

Parents are more than welcome to attend.

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Utrecht Mini Sport day/Dag

Netball vs NSPS (22/5/2019) @ NSPS

Wintersport vs Drakensberg (21 May 2019) @ Drakensberg

Huttenpark vs NRS (11/5/2019) @ Huttenpark


Tyd/Time Span/Team Skeidsregter/Referee
08:00 o/7B & o/8B  HP & NRS
08:30 o/7A & o/8A  HP &NRS
09:00 o/9A   NRS
09:50 o/10A   NRS
10:40 o/13B  R.Wessels
11:20 o/11A J.Schoeman
Hippo drop
12:15 o/13A Unie



Tyd/Time Sement 1 Sement 2 Gras 1 Gras 2
08:00 o/11B o/10B o/7B o/8B
08:30 o/11A o/10A o/7A o/8A
09:00 o/13B o/13D o/9B
09:30 o/13C o/9A
10:00 o/13A



Tyd Span
08:00 u/9 Girls
08:22 o/7 & o/8 Dogters
08:44 u/10 Girls
09:06 o/11 Dogters
09:28 u/13 B Girls
09:50 o/13 A Seuns
10:22 u/13 A Girls

Monument vs Huttenpark 4 May 2019 @ Monument




7B (10) 08:30 A2
8B (10) 08:30 A1
7A (10) 09:00 A2
8A (10) 09:00 A1
9A (15) 09:30 A
10A (15) 10:10 A
2DE 11:00 A
11A 11:45 A
1STE 12:30 A
7A MINI 08:30 B2
8A MINI 08:30 B1
9A MIDI 09:05 B
9A MIDI Seuns 09:40 B
10A (11) 10:20 B
13A Seuns 08:30 A
11A 09:20 A
11A Seuns 10:00 A
13B 10:45 A
13A 11:30 A


7A 08:30 B
8A 09:00 B
9B 09:30 B
9A 10:00 B
10A 10:30 B
11B 08:30 A
13D 09:00 A
13C 09:30 A
11A 10:00 A
13B 10:40 A
13A 11:20 A