Grade 4-7 learners are allowed to make use of Tablet computers in conjunction with E publication textbooks as an alternative to printed textbooks. This is not compulsory and we have found that some learners prefer printed textbooks above the digital version.

We suggest that you make use of to purchase your textbooks as their system has been proven very efficient. (Please note does not exist anymore)

It should also be noted that not all textbooks used by the school is available in digital format.


The Tablet PC itself will have to comply with the following minimum specification to ensure the E-Books function smoothly on it.

  • Processor :         A duel core, running at 1Ghz or more
  • Memory :         16 GB or more
  • Battery life :         10 Hours
  • Operating system :         Android 4.1 / iOS 4.0
  • Screen Size :         Preferably 10.1 inch

Available books:

Not all books are available in digital format and it remains the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child has all the required textbooks.

Parent’s responsibility:

Each of the role-players have responsibilities and it is important that these responsibilities are fulfilled.

  • Parents need to ensure their child’s tablet complies with the minimum requirements as listed above.
  • Tablets may not have internet access at school using a cellular service provider.
  • Tablets may not be used outside classrooms.
  • The clear marking of the learner’s tablet
  • The purchasing and downloading of textbooks.
  • Ensuring their child is capable of using the tablet.

Child’s responsibility:

  • To follow the school rules regarding tablets.
  • To ensure the tablet is fully charged when arriving at school.
  • Not allowed to use a camera or any other form of digital recording.
  • To ensure the tablet is stored in a safe place.

School’s responsibility:

  • Provide an option for a safe place for tablets to be stored during breaks etc.
  • Supervision of tablet usage in class.

It remains the school’s right to revoke the privilege of using tablets if misused or abused.