This project was founded 4 years ago to help less privileged learners in our school. Parents got involved in various ways and the programme escalated through the years.

Hungry children are not able to concentrate and study. Children are not in a position to change their circumstances for the better and with this project we are trying to make a difference.

Because of the financial hardship in many households, we were forced to change the structure of the project as the number of learners in need of help is growing.

In the past the meals were provided by the lunch project in the school lapa, but this has become a very expensive option and we therefore want to try and supply the lunches ourselves.

Regretfully the school cannot sponsor meals on a daily basis and your assistance, whether it be financial or otherwise will be greatly appreciated. We have parents who contribute to the project on a monthly basis. Besides having parents providing the meals once in a six week period, depending on the number of people who are willing to buy into the project, we also need parents who can assist during breaks etc.

We have scheduled a meeting for Tuesday 24 April 2018 at 18:00 in our Media Centre to discuss the changes, assistance required and the way forward.  We would like to encourage you to get involved.

If you feel you can make a difference please, attend the meeting.



Lerika Viljoen (Coordinator)

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