Dear Parents


  1. SCHOOL TIMES DURING EXAMS: The school will close at 13:00 for all learners from 6 November.  Learners will be able to use the extra time to prepare and learn for the next exam.
  2. STUDY TIME: Learners who cannot go home earlier can stay at school until 14:00 where they will be studying under the teacher’s supervision. This arrangement will also be in place on the days when the children are not writing a subject.  Aftercare will continue as normal.  Learners will be under supervision at all times.
  3. CAMPS: The grade 1 to 3 camps will commence on Thursday 8 November. We anticipate this to be very enjoyable for every learner.
  4. MIKE BOLHUIS: This well-known private investigator will be a guest speaker at a Huttenpark function on 22 February 2019.  Please contact Monica on 084 980 4351 to book a table and more details for this exclusive event.
  5. EXAM: We wish all our learners writing exams good luck and trust that they will try their best, think logically and stay calm.






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