Dear Parents




  1. SCHOOL FEES FOR 2019:

The school fees for Grade 1 to 7 for 2019 are as follows: R 12 350 per annum.

Fees are payable over 10 months x R 1235 per month from the end of January to the end of October, before the 7th day of the next month.

  1. AFTER CARE FEES 2019:

To 15:00 – R 21 per day or R 210 for a 10 day coupon.

To 17:00 – R 25 per day or R 250 for a 10 day coupon.

Daily Fee: R40 per session.

  1. SCHOOL FEES FOR 2018:

Thank you for the positive manner in which you managed your 2018 account.

The last instalment was payable on or before 7 November 2018.  Parents whose accounts are still in arrears on 30 November, or have not stuck to their arrangements will be handed over to our debt collectors on 3 December 2018.  This will add certain additional costs to your account.  I urgently request that you ensure that your account is up to date.


Due to the high costs involved in running the bus service of the school, we have taken the unfortunate decision to suspend all routes to and from school on a daily basis.  As from 9 January the bus service will cease to run.   We are sorry for any inconvenience that is caused by this decision.


We are still in the process of phasing out the old school badge on the uniform.  We will still be selling the current stock with the old badge until all stock in all the sizes has sold out.  We will introduce the new badge as stock runs out in specific sizes, which means some learners will have the new badge and others will have the old badge.

There is an option available to replace the old badge with the new one at an additional cost of R35 per dress.


We have a vacancy for a buildings and grounds manager at our pre-school in Victoria Road. (The old Bergsig).  We require the services of a handyman who can oversee the maintenance of our grounds and buildings on a daily basis.  We are looking for a skilled, practical male who has woodworking, plumbing, electrical skills, or a combination of these skills and to do daily repairs and maintenance. A salary of R 7 000 pm will be paid.  This includes a 13th cheque.  Working hours are from 07:00 to 15:00. Please send a CV to ngrobler@huttenpark.co.za




I would like to remind you of our policy on having school bags with wheels.  All Grade One to Three learners are compelled to purchase the official maroon school bag which is available at the HippoTique.

Learners in Grade 5 to 7 who have bags with wheels, received a sticker earlier in the year to give them permission to use these cases until they are no longer useful.

No Grade 4 learner will be permitted to have a school case with wheels.  There is a new, reliable, medically tested Totem bag available in the HippoTique at R1 200 or the normal black Huttenpark bag.

All other learners make use of the official school bag.


As from January 2019, we will no longer be making use of the old D6 system.  The new APP is known as D6 Connect and must be downloaded again.  Please see the attached pamphlet for more information.


As the end of the year comes closer, we look back in gratitude on the successes achieved in 2018

and in anticipation for the year that lies ahead.

To our Grade 7 learners who are furthering their studies in various high schools, we know that they will build on the foundation that was laid here at Huttenpark and will build on the values that were instilled.  We will be watching your progress with much interest.  Thank you for the contribution to our school over the years.

We wish all Hutties, not returning to our school in 2019, good luck in their new environments and schools.

On behalf of all the staff I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Enjoy a well-deserved holiday with your families.


School opens on 9 January 2019 at 07:30.









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