Dear Parents



Although the new school year has already started with a bang, we would like to welcome you to 2019.  We trust that all the new Hutties feel at home and that learners have adjusted well to their new environment.

  1. SCHOOL FEES 2019

Please take note of the following regarding the payment of school fees:

Grade 1 to 7: R1 235 per month, which is payable over 10 months from January to October.  The first payment is due before 7 th February.

Late payments will be followed up immediately by our collection team.

Discount: Parents with 3 or more children must please write a letter to the school requesting discount on the third child’s school fees.  Your 3rd child qualifies for a reduction of 50% in fees should you qualify.  Each application will be handled on merit.  The first two children will pay the full price.


Payment Date: Monthly payments are payable before the 7th of every month, after which legal steps will be taken and accounts will be handed over.  All legal costs will be added to your account.  Accounts handed over will be for the full outstanding amount for the year although only one month may be in arrears.


Arrangements: Parents are reminded that any arrangements for payment of school fees in 2018 are null and void and new arrangements must be made for 2019 should it be necessary.  Please address your correspondence to the Chairman of the School Governing Body (Mr Marinus Struwig), for attention The Treasurer (Mrs Susan Sidebttom).


Exemption from school fees: In certain cases parents with financial problems may apply for exemption or partial exemption of school fees. Application documents are available from Sheila Lizen in the financial office.  Applications must be submitted/ returned back to the school as soon as possible.  All supporting and valid documentation regarding proof of income and expenses, bank statements etc. must be attached.  Parents will also be requested to verify their case in an interview with the financial committee.




Electronic Bank Payment:  Banking details are as follows:

Huttenpark learners (Gr 1-7) Nedbank cheque account nr: 1648094295,                     Bank code:  164826.

Proof of payment must be mailed to



Please clearly indicate the reference number on the deposit slip or email.  Use the family code allocated to your child/ren as indicated on your account and the name of the child/ren and grade where possible.  No cheques are accepted.


When paying other monies eg. tours, clothes, excursions by EFT please indicate clearly what the payment is for, otherwise money will be allocated to school fees.  We often receive money with no reference which are unclaimed in our books.

Thank you to parents who have paid their school fees in advance or settled the full amount for the year.


We would like to remind you of the D6 cashless wallet which can be used for smaller amounts.  This is a fast and easy way to pay for eg. The “Slip Slop” Day this coming Monday.  The school will load the option and you just have to select it and pay.  Your child’s class teacher will be informed accordingly.  A pamphlet regarding the registration of the cashless wallet was sent out earlier.



I have included the year programme as well as the coming sport information for your attention.


We trust that you and your child will have a wonderful year at our school.  We believe that it will be a blessed and enriching experience.









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