Dear Parents

Learner security has always been a priority at Huttenpark Primary School and with this in mind we have contacted various role-players to assist with the traffic and parking issues at school. We would like to inform the parents of the following rules and requests in this regard:

The “Drop-Off Zone”

We have created a drop-off zone where parents can park and drop off learners.

This zone is between the small admin gate and the senior gate. This zone is active in the mornings (6:30 to 7:30) and in the afternoons (13:15 – 14:30). During these times parents are not allowed to park in the parking bays in the zone. Parents must stop parallel with the street, between the yellow lines and learners may be dropped off or picked up.

Take note of the following when making use of the drop-off points:

  • Learners must please get out on the left-hand side of the vehicle. This will ensure that they do not get in the way of another vehicle.
  • Try and keep all bags with them in the vehicle or be able to take out the bags on their own from the boot. Please do not get out of the vehicle.
  • Please park as high up on the drop- off zone as possible. We would like all vehicles to fill up from the back.
  • The same rules apply when picking up learners. They can wait against the wall (behind the yellow line) and get into the vehicle as quickly as possible.
  • The drop-off zones are clearly marked.
  • It might be a good idea if you can “practice” with your children late in the afternoons or over a weekend. Pupils being dropped off opposite the road must please cross the road at the pedestrian crossing with the help of Mrs Fourie.
  • Parents who accompany their children into the school grounds, occupy the parking for a long time. We ask that you please limit this to exceptional circumstances.

Waiting Zones

There are 2 waiting zones where learners can wait for their transport.

  • At the Junior Phase gate: Learners can wait in the demarcated areas. The guard will be in this area from 14:30. All learners still waiting at school after this time must move to this area.
  • The “Huttie Safe-zone.” Learners can wait here in the afternoon. Learners who wait in this area must be picked up using the “Drop-off Zone”.


Please ensure that you keep to the speed limit and obey all rules. Currently, a big problem is the parents making a U-Turn in Rietbok Ave. Please note that this is a R2000 fine.

Crossing the road

Please make use of the road crossing. We have lots of learners (Especially the Juniors) who cross the road at the Junior Gate. Please don’t call your children to cross the road on their own.

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