Die Swim Studio bied nou ook swemlesse later op Maandae vir Hutties om 15:10 opgelaai en om 16:40 by die skool of Nasorg terugbesorg te word. (Daar is ook enkele plekke oor op Dinsdae e Donderdae van 14:20 – 15:35.) Lesse begin vanaf Maandag 29 Julie in hul warm binnenshuise swembad.


Please note that the Swim Studio now offers another later time for swimming lessons for Hutties to be picked-up on Mondays at 15:10 and returned to school/Aftercare at 16:40. (There are also a few spaces left on Tuesdays and Thursdays 14:20 – 15:35.)

Lessons start as from Monday 29 July in their warm indoor pool.


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