I hope all our families had a wonderful Freedom Day.

Please find the homework for the week.



Dear Parents


Please take note of the following:


There is still no certainty as to when exactly the schools are to reopen. The Minister of Basic Education will reveal all on Monday 27 April at 11:00 or 14:00 (Conflicting reports).  She will then give clarity of what their plans are.

  1. MASKS:

All indications are that it will be compulsory for anyone entering the school ground to wear a mask.  All learners should have at least two masks.  One in the wash and one which is worn.

We are fortunate that a group of people in the community have donated 1000 masks for learners and 240 masks for staff members. These will be given to each and every learner.

We have also negotiated with two of our regular suppliers to make Hutties masks for us.  These masks cost the school R20 each as they are branded. We intend to sell them to the learners at R10 each to ensure that everyone can afford one. I have included examples of these masks.  If there are any organizations or individuals that can assist us with covering the costs of these masks it will be much appreciated. You can for example purchase two and donate one to an under privileged learner.



We have purchased 5 infra-red thermometers to monitor learners and staff when they enter

the school premises every morning.



All classrooms, bathrooms, offices and tuck shop will be sanitized on a daily basis.

We were also sponsored a 25 liter sanitizer.  Before the school closed we stocked all the

bathrooms with hand sanitizer and liquid soap for washing hands.  Each teacher will also

have a bottle of sanitizer in their class.


We as school and you as parents will have to “take hands” when it comes to restricting this


We all have the best interest of our learners, yourselves and the staff at hart.  We will have to trust

each other and work together.  After the Minister’s press conference on Monday we will set

up a strategy for our school and share it with you.  If you have any concerns or inputs please

contact us:

My email address is ngrobler@huttenpark.co.za.  Mr Gray’s is: lmgray@huttenpark.co.za and

the office is office@huttenpark.co.za.


A questionnaire will be sent out to you to fill in in due course.


Regards and good luck.








Beste Ouers



Neem asseblief kennis van die volgende sake:

  1. TERUG SKOOL TOE:aar bestaan nog geen sekerheid oor presies wanneer die skole gaan open nie. Ons sien met afwagting uit na die Minister van Basiese Onderwys se perskonferensie op Maandag 27 April om 11:00 of 14:00. (Verskillende berigte)

Dit gaan verpligtend wees vir alle leerlinge en personeel om maskers te dra.  Elkeen moet ten minste 2 maskers hê. Een in die was en een wat gedra word.

Ons is gelukkig dat ‘n maatskappy wat o.a. maskers vervaardig vir die skool 1000 maskers geskenk het vir leerlinge en 240 vir personeel.

Verder het ons reeds met 2 ander maatskappye gereël om vir die skool Hutties maskers te maak.  Die maskers kos die skool R20 elk.  Ek sluit ‘n voorbeeld hierby in.

Ons gaan dié maskers teen R10 elk verkoop sodat ons verseker elke kind kan een bekostig.  Indien daar ouers of organisasies is wat ons kan bystaan met hierdie uitgawe sal enige donasie waardeer word.  U kan ook bv. twee koop en een skenk.


Ons het verder 5 Infra-rooi termometers gekoop waarmee die leerlinge en die personeel  se

temperatuur daagliks, as hulle by die skoolperseel inkom, getoets sal word.



Alle klaskamers, toilette, kantore en die snoepie sal gereeld gesaniteer word.  Ons het ook 25

liter sanitasiemiddel geskenk gekry en het reeds voor die skool gesluit het, ‘n bottel in elke

badkamer geplaas asook seep waarmee die hande gewas kan word.  Elke onderwyser sal ook ‘n

bottel sanitasiemiddel in hulle klas beskikbaar hê.


U gaan saam met ons handevat by die hantering van hierdie pandemie.  Ons sowel as u het die beste belang van ons kinders en ons personeel op die hart.  Ons gaan mekaar moet vertrou en moet saamwerk.  Ons sal Maandag na die Minister se perskonferensie weer vir u ‘n skrywe stuur van hoe Huttenpark die infasering sal hanteer.  Daar sal ook ‘n vraelys uitgestuur word wat u asseblief moet antwoord.


Indien u voorstelle het kommunikeer dit gerus met ons. My epos adres is ngrobler@huttenpark.co.za.  Mnr Gray s’n is: lmgray@huttenpark.co.za en die kantoor s’n is office@huttenpark.co.za.


Groete en sterkte





Dear Parents


Please take note of the following:


All our teachers have been working hard the last few weeks to prepare homework for our children by using WhattApp, emails, Google Classroom and workbooks, some of which were handed out just before the lockdown.  Many parents may have felt that they have been bombarded with large amounts of work which had to be done within certain time lines. We have taken note of this.

Please take note of the following:

  1. The purpose is to keep your child’s brain active and to make the process of going back to school a little smoother.
  2. All the work, which is part of the syllabus, will be taught once the learners are back at school.
  3. It is important that they do a little work every day. There must however be a balance between school work, play time, chores in and around the house and quality time with you and the family at home.
  4. I want to emphasize the facts which I shared with you in Circular 5 of 2020 regarding learning tables and bonds as well as reading daily. This will give your child an advantage when he/she gets back to school.
  5. We are in extraordinary circumstances and we have to make the best of the situation. Parents as well as teachers will make mistakes during these times and we have to accept that fact.
  6. We will from this point on, on a weekly basis, send out a consolidated document, which has been scrutinized by the Grade Heads. This document will ensure that the teachers have not given too much or too little homework.  The first of which will be included with this circular.
  7. We have taken into account that not all parents have access to smart phones, internet, printers and laptops. Parents are mostly not trained to teach classes, are not up to date with the CAPS curriculum and we recognise the fact that your house is a home and not a classroom.
  8. Thank you for being so positive during this time, for understanding and for getting involved in your child’s education.  We appreciate your patience and your trust in us.

Links to homework


We are aware of a confidential document, compiled by the DBE, that was leaked to the media.  This document was spread widely via social media and the newspapers.  This document contains dates when learners will return to school and how the process will be planned on a national level.                       Take cognisance of the fact that this document is as yet not the official policy of the DBE.  We are waiting patiently for these guidelines to be published.

As soon as we have received the official document, that indicates how and when schools should reopen, we will share it with you.

Please take note of the following matters that have been mentioned in the document:

  1. The gradual phasing in of grades starting from Grade 7 on 6 May to Grade R (as late as 15 July).  Another grade will return to school every two weeks to give schools the opportunity to see how the return process is progressing.
  2. The revising of learning material as well as assessments.
  3. No June exams.
  4. Alterations to the school calendar and holiday dates.
  5. The lengthening of the school day.
  6. No extra-mural activities for the rest of the year (sport and culture). No tours, concert or social activities.
  8. Hygiene of the learners and teachers WILL TAKE PRIORITY over everything. Sanitation packs will be supplied by the DBE so that classrooms and individuals are sanitised.
  9. We will determine a school strategy for the way forward as soon as we have received all the correct information from the DBE.
  10. Thank you for allowing your child/ren to enjoy the extended holiday and that you could use this period to relax as a family.


  1. WORKSHEET CLOUD (Optional)

Our English speaking parents, with children in Gr 4-7 are invited to join the daily video lessons on WorksheetCloud. You simply click the word WorksheetCloud in Google or go to their website on www.worksheetcloud.com.   You choose the grade of your child and the subject and your child can follow the video lesson. The Gr 4-7 parents also have the option to register for free on Vodacom e-school. It is your choice. There are several other options available. You can decide for yourself which online tutor suits your child’s needs the best and just go for it. It is up to you to decide.


  2. We know that times are currently difficult and everyone’s situation is different.
  3. I, once again, appeal to you to keep paying your school fees so that you don’t sit with a huge balance at the end of the year. Thank you to those of you who have paid unfailingly.
  4. Please keep us up to date of your situation and do not allow your account to escalate without discussing it with us. Please contact me or the treasurer, Mrs Elna Bierman, by email at requests@huttenpark.co.za.
  5. Parents who, amidst these difficult times, can afford to pay another child’s school fees can contact me or Mrs Sheila Lizen by email (finances@huttenpark.co.za). We can give you the bank details and a reference number.


By working together we can overcome this crisis.

Please don’t allow your children to go to the shops with you.

We are looking forward to seeing our friendly, happy faces and the chattering of children back at school soon.









Beste Ouers


Neem asseblief kennis van die volgende sake:


Die afgelope paar weke het elke onderwyser baie hard gewerk om vir ons kinders huiswerk te stuur deur middel van WhattsAPP, eposse, Google Classroom of werksboekies wat vooraf gegee is.

Baie ouers het dalk gevoel dat hulle gebombardeer is met groot hoeveelhede werk wat teen ‘n sekere tyd afgehandel moet word.

Neem kennis dat:

  1. Die doel hiervan is om jou kind se brein aktief te hou en om die oorgang terug skool toe makliker te maak.
  2. Al die werk wat by die huis gedoen is sal weer by die skool gedoen word.
  3. Dit is tog belangrik dat hulle elke dag ‘n bietjie werk. Daar moet egter ‘n goeie balans wees tussen skoolwerk, speeltyd, takies in en om die huis en kwaliteit tyd saam met hul ouers in die kombuis of in die tuin.
  4. Ek beklemtoon weer wat ek in my vorige omsendbrief (Omsendbrief 5 van 2020) gesê het rakende die leer van tafels en leeswerk.
  5. Hierdie is buitengewone omstandighede en ons moet die beste daarvan maak. Ons en julle gaan foute maak en ons moet dit aanvaar.
  6. Ons gaan voortaan ‘n gekonsolideerde dokument uitstuur, wat vooraf deur die graadhoofde goedgekeur is. Hierdie dokument sal verseker dat daar nie te veel of te min huiswerk gegee sal word nie.  Hierdie dokument sal saam met hierdie omsendbrief uitgestuur word.
  7. Ons neem in ag dat almal nie bv toegang tot slimfone, internet, rekenaars het nie, ouers is nie opgelei om onderrig aan te bied nie en is totaal uit voeling met CAPS, die huis is ‘n tuiste – nie ‘n skool nie. Dankie dat u as ouers verstaan, dankie vir u positiewe ingesteldheid, dankie vir u bereidwilligheid om betrokke te raak, dankie dat u saam met ons hierdeur gaan werk en bo alles dankie vir u geduld en vertroue…!

Huiswerk Skakels:


Ons is bewus daarvan dat daar ‘n vertroulike dokument van die DBO uitgelek is en versprei word met moontlike datums en ‘n moontlike werkswyse wat die DBO gaan toepas op nasionale vlak. Dit is op datum van skrywe nog nie die DBO beleid nie. NB! Ons wag in spanning daarvoor.

Sodra ons die finale dokument ontvang, waarin dit duidelik gestel word wanneer en hoe die skole gaan heropen, sal ons dit met u deel.

Die volgende is hoogtepunte uit die dokument waarvan u moet kennisneem:

  1. ‘n Geleidelike infasering van grade tot so laat as 15 Julie 2020.
    Ons begin met Gr 7 op 6 Mei 2020 en elke 14 dae daarna ‘n volgende graad.
  2. Inkorting van leermateriaal en assesserings.
  3. Geen Junie eksamens nie.
  4. Verandering van die skoolkalender en vakansiedatums.
  5. Die skooldag kan verleng word.
  6. Geen buitemuurse aktiwiteite (sport en kultuur), toere, konserte vir die res van die jaar nie.
  8. Higiëne van leerlinge en onderwysers sal ‘n prioriteit wees. Sanitasiepakke moet deur die DBO voorsien word.
  9. Ons sal eers ‘n strategie vir die skool bepaal sodra al die inligting tot ons beskikking is.
  10. Dankie dat u toegelaat het dat u kind die vakansie kon geniet en dat u ook die tyd gebruik het om saam met u gesin te ontspan.


Die ouers van Afrikaanse kinders in Gr 4-7 word aangemoedig om op die Wolkskool te registreer. Al die skoolvakke word GRATIS aangebied tot einde Junie. U as ouer registreer bloot net by Wolkskool en u kind het toegang tot al die leermateriaal wat die tweede kwartaal hanteer moet word.

U kind kan gerus deur die leermateriaal werk sover as wat u dit wil toelaat. Daar is verskeie ander aanlyn webtuistes wat onderrig aanbied. U kan self besluit welke aanlyn groep u en u kind geval.

Onthou asb net dat die oomblik dat ons die kinders terug het by die skool, begin ons met die onderrig asof dit die eerste dag van die tweede kwartaal is en ons begin met leermaterial wat die DBO voorskryf. Dit is so vir ALLE openbare skole in ons land.

GEEN openbare skool kan daarop aanspraak maak dat elke enkele kind in die skool hul lesse aanlyn ontvang het, dat elke aspek in die NKABV / CAPS gedek kan word daarmee nie en al die assesserings gedoen is nie. Ons doen egter almal moeite om, op ons eie unieke manier, sekere begrippe tuis te bring en ons kinders aan die dink te hou…


Ons weet dat tye daar buite moeilik is en dat ons nie almal in die- selfde situasie is nie.

Ek wil steeds ‘n beroep op u doen om die skoolfonds getrou te betaal.

Baie dankie vir die van u wat dit gedoen het en op datum gebly het.

Hou ons die heeltyd op hoogte van u situasie en moet dit nie sommer net in die lug laat hang nie. Kontak my, of Elna Bierman, die skool se tesourier, per epos by requests@huttenpark.co.za.

Ouers wat in hierdie moeilike tye, moontlik ‘n ander kind se skoolgeld kan betaal, word aangemoedig om met my of Mev Sheila Lizen kontak te maak. (finances@huttenpark.co.za) Sy sal vir u die bank besonderhede en verwysing nommer gee om die oorbetaling te kan doen.

Saam kan ons hierdie krisis oorkom.  Ons sien uit daarna om al die laggende, vrolike gesiggies weer by die skool te sien. Baie sterkte




Beste Ouers


Graag verskaf ek die volgende inligting rakende die betaling van skoolfonds te midde van die Coronavirus Inperking van 21 dae:

  1. Skoolfonds is by ‘n Algemene Jaarvergadering deur die ouers vasgestel op R13 100 per jaar.

Ons maak die vergunning dat dit eenmalig, kwartaalliks of teen R1 310 per maand oor ‘n 10 maande tydperk betaal kan word.  Dit is wat nodig is om die skool, as geheel, te bedryf vir die jaar.

  1. Hier by Huttenpark is daar 71 personeel in diens wat insluit onderwysers, adminpersoneel, skoolmakers ens. Hiervan betaal die staatsdiens slegs 30, wat beteken die Beheerliggaam betaal 41 personeellede uit skoolfonds.
  2. Maandelikse bedryfskostes soos elektrisiteit, huur van kopieërmasjiene, salarisse en vele ander kostes bly onveranderd en moet ons steeds ons normale verpligtinge nakom.
  3. Ons is bewus daarvan dat die land se omstandighede in hierdie tyd moontlik u lewe omgekeer het, en dat u tevrede moet wees met ‘n verminderde salaris, u besigheid dalk gedwing word om tydelik te sluit, wat ‘n verlies aan inkomste te weeg bring en vele ander uitdagende omstandighede.
  4. Ons wil ‘n beroep op u doen, om waar moontlik, te hou by u maandelikse skoolfondsverpligtinge. Maak asseblief ‘n EFT na die volgende rekening: Nedbank; rekeningnommer 164 809 4295. Gebruik u familiekode soos op die laaste rekening aangedui word as verwysing.  Die finansiële beampte hou ons rekords deurentyd op datum.
  5. Indien u egter probleme met betaling voorsien het die FINKOM die vergunning gemaak dat ons vir u ‘n “betalingsvakansie” kan bewerkstellig vir die maande Maart tot Junie sodat ons vir u ‘n langer termyn kan gee om die skoolfonds af te betaal, of die balans by die laaste helfte van die jaar se skoolfonds te voeg.
  6. Stuur asseblief direk aan my ‘n versoek, per epos, om enige reëlings te tref indien u van die “betalingsvakansie” gebruik wil maak. Ek sal saam met ons tesourier, Mev. Elna Bierman, na u versoeke kyk en u so spoedig moontlik laat weet van die uitslag van u aansoek.  Sluit asseblief enige bewyse in om te bevestig dat u salaris verminder word, of dat u uit diens gestel is, saam met ‘n deeglike motivering van u situasie.
  7. Die eposadres is: requests@huttenpark.co.za
  8. Ouers wie reeds aansoek gedoen het vir vrystelling of gedeeltelike vrystelling van skoolfonds is nie hierby ingesluit nie. U sal eersdaags uitslag ontvang van dié spesifieke aansoeke.
  9. Ouers wie geen reëlings getref het nie sal steeds ‘n oproep, sms, WhattsApp of epos ontvang van ons debiteureklerk, Mev. Sharon Koen om u te herinner aan u betaling.
  10. Ons bevind onsself in unieke omstandighede en ons wil u sterkte toewens om die boeke te maak klop in hierdie tyd. Ons is saam in hierdie situasie en maak staat op u ondersteuning sodat ons almal anderkant kan uitkom sonder te veel skade.
  11. Sterkte met die kinders by die huis. Ons personeel probeer soveel moontlik werk aan u deur te stuur as wat moontlik is.  Help hulle asseblief sover moontlik daarmee.
  12. Daar is nog geen finaliteit oor die heropening van die skole nie en ons sal u op hoogte daarvan hou.


Bly glo en vertrou in God in hierdie onseker tye.


Baie sterkte en bly veilig






Dear Parent,
Thank you for your support during the past years. As Reading Rocket classes will only be able to resume when schools re-open, we still want your child to progress, continue reading and enjoy some valuable time with you during this time.
We therefore want to make – Reading Rocket HOME – available to you and your chil(dren) as long as the schools are closed. It is free of charge – it is our contribution to every household in South Africa.

SM Nelspruit letter to clients – Reading Rocket Home Lockdown – 2020

Gewaardeerde Ouer,
Baie dankie vir u ondersteuning deur dik en dun. Aangesien Reading Rocket klasse eers kan hervat sodra die skole weer begin, wil ons graag van ons kant af ‘n bydrae maak sodat u kind(ers) kan aanhou lees, aanhou vorder en kosbare tyd saam met u spandeer totdat die skole weer heropen.
Ons maak dus graag – Reading Rocket HOME – beskikbaar vir solank as wat die skole gesluit is.
Dit is gratis – ons bydrae tot elke huishouding in Suid-Afrika.

SM Reading Rocket Inperking – 2020



The D6 connect App is the preferred way to  assist the parents and the school to communicate during the lock down period. Currently, we only have about 35% of our parents making use of the App.

This app allows the parents to see the following information regarding their child. This information is only available to you as parent.

  1. All the latest news from the school.
  2. All emergency messages from the school.
  3. Up to date calendar with all school dates
  4. Personal information regarding your child
    1. All academic marks (All years)
    2. All transgressions
    3. Finances
    4. Absenteeism
    5. Student info
  5. You will also be able to inform the school when your child is absent and send a photo of the medical certificate or note.
  6. Make use of the app to pay for school activities, school fees and tours. You can use it to load money onto the wrist band that will allow them to purchase items at the tuck shop or clothing shop (HippoTique). You can even use the app and your cellphone to pay at the tuck shop or HippoTique yourself.
  7. You will be able to change any of your details on the system (Cellphone number, Email address, Physical address etc.)

You can use this app on your cellphone/tablet and/or computer.

Please use the following  links to install the app:

Android Play Store : Download D6 Connect

Apple App store: Download D6 Connect

Windows computer app: PC Download


Registering the app:


Please make sure you are registered as a parent. If you are not registered as a parent you will not be able to see all the information.


Please see example above. You need to see the head and shoulder icon and not the eye icon. If you only have the eye icon you are only a follower or viewer and need to register again. (Uninstall the app and start again)

Dear Parents


I would like to bring the following important information to your attention regarding the payment of school fees amid the Coronavirus Lockdown period of 21 days:

  1. At the last AGM of parents school fees were fixed at R13 100 for the year 2020. This can be paid once off, monthly or quarterly.  The monthly fee is R1 3 10 pm.  This is the amount we deemed necessary to run the school for the year.
  2. At Huttenpark we have employed 71 members of staff which include teachers, admin staff, cleaners etc. The state only pays 30 of these staff members.  This means that the Governing Body is responsible for paying 41 of the staff from school fees.
  3. Monthly running costs such as electricity, rental contracts of copiers, salaries and many other expenses stay the same, and we still have to commit to these payments.
  4. We are aware that the situation in our country may have thrown you a curve ball and that you have had a cut in your salary or that your business in unable to generate an income due to the lock down. Many circumstances may have led to the fact that your finances are in dire straits. We as FINCOM acknowledge this and have sympathy for your situation.
  5. We however appeal to you to, where possible, to commit yourselves to paying the school fees. Please make an EFT to our Nedbank account: Number 164 809 4295 and use your family code as reference, as indicated on your latest account.  Our financial officer is keeping all our payment records up to date.
  6. If you do encounter problems with paying your monthly payment we have put a “payment holiday” in place for the months March to June. This will enable you to freeze payments for this period, or to pay a reduced amount or to pay a higher instalment from July to October.  Alternatively we may grant you a longer payment period until 7 December.
  7. Please send your request directly to the email address below to make an arrangement for the “payment holiday”. I will in association with our Treasurer, Mrs Elna Bierman, assess your application and give you feedback as soon as possible.  Please attach proof of your current situation by supplying us with documentation from your employer as well as a detailed motivation as to why we should accommodate you.
  8. The e-mail address is: requests@huttenpark.co.za
  9. Parents who have applied for exemption or partial exemption from school fees need not apply again. You will receive the results of your application soon.
  10. Parents who have not made arrangements will still receive regular calls, sms’s, WhattsApps, account statements and payment reminders etc. from our debt collector, Mrs Sharon Koen.
  11. We find ourselves in a unique situation, and we wish you well to try and balance your books in this time. We are all together in this unfortunate position, and we trust, as always, on your cooperation to bring us all safely and unscathed to the other side of this epidemic.
  12. We trust you are coping well with the children at home. This is excellent family time.  The staff has, on a regular basis, sent worksheets and other homework to you via WhattsApp and other means.  Please assist your children with the work as far as possible.
  13. There is no finality regarding the date when the schools will reopen. We will keep you up to date of the date and the recovery plan.


Always trust in God amidst these uncertain times.

Stay Safe