Dear Parents


I would like to bring the following important information to your attention regarding the payment of school fees amid the Coronavirus Lockdown period of 21 days:

  1. At the last AGM of parents school fees were fixed at R13 100 for the year 2020. This can be paid once off, monthly or quarterly.  The monthly fee is R1 3 10 pm.  This is the amount we deemed necessary to run the school for the year.
  2. At Huttenpark we have employed 71 members of staff which include teachers, admin staff, cleaners etc. The state only pays 30 of these staff members.  This means that the Governing Body is responsible for paying 41 of the staff from school fees.
  3. Monthly running costs such as electricity, rental contracts of copiers, salaries and many other expenses stay the same, and we still have to commit to these payments.
  4. We are aware that the situation in our country may have thrown you a curve ball and that you have had a cut in your salary or that your business in unable to generate an income due to the lock down. Many circumstances may have led to the fact that your finances are in dire straits. We as FINCOM acknowledge this and have sympathy for your situation.
  5. We however appeal to you to, where possible, to commit yourselves to paying the school fees. Please make an EFT to our Nedbank account: Number 164 809 4295 and use your family code as reference, as indicated on your latest account.  Our financial officer is keeping all our payment records up to date.
  6. If you do encounter problems with paying your monthly payment we have put a “payment holiday” in place for the months March to June. This will enable you to freeze payments for this period, or to pay a reduced amount or to pay a higher instalment from July to October.  Alternatively we may grant you a longer payment period until 7 December.
  7. Please send your request directly to the email address below to make an arrangement for the “payment holiday”. I will in association with our Treasurer, Mrs Elna Bierman, assess your application and give you feedback as soon as possible.  Please attach proof of your current situation by supplying us with documentation from your employer as well as a detailed motivation as to why we should accommodate you.
  8. The e-mail address is:
  9. Parents who have applied for exemption or partial exemption from school fees need not apply again. You will receive the results of your application soon.
  10. Parents who have not made arrangements will still receive regular calls, sms’s, WhattsApps, account statements and payment reminders etc. from our debt collector, Mrs Sharon Koen.
  11. We find ourselves in a unique situation, and we wish you well to try and balance your books in this time. We are all together in this unfortunate position, and we trust, as always, on your cooperation to bring us all safely and unscathed to the other side of this epidemic.
  12. We trust you are coping well with the children at home. This is excellent family time.  The staff has, on a regular basis, sent worksheets and other homework to you via WhattsApp and other means.  Please assist your children with the work as far as possible.
  13. There is no finality regarding the date when the schools will reopen. We will keep you up to date of the date and the recovery plan.


Always trust in God amidst these uncertain times.

Stay Safe






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