Dear Parents


Please take note of the following:


All our teachers have been working hard the last few weeks to prepare homework for our children by using WhattApp, emails, Google Classroom and workbooks, some of which were handed out just before the lockdown.  Many parents may have felt that they have been bombarded with large amounts of work which had to be done within certain time lines. We have taken note of this.

Please take note of the following:

  1. The purpose is to keep your child’s brain active and to make the process of going back to school a little smoother.
  2. All the work, which is part of the syllabus, will be taught once the learners are back at school.
  3. It is important that they do a little work every day. There must however be a balance between school work, play time, chores in and around the house and quality time with you and the family at home.
  4. I want to emphasize the facts which I shared with you in Circular 5 of 2020 regarding learning tables and bonds as well as reading daily. This will give your child an advantage when he/she gets back to school.
  5. We are in extraordinary circumstances and we have to make the best of the situation. Parents as well as teachers will make mistakes during these times and we have to accept that fact.
  6. We will from this point on, on a weekly basis, send out a consolidated document, which has been scrutinized by the Grade Heads. This document will ensure that the teachers have not given too much or too little homework.  The first of which will be included with this circular.
  7. We have taken into account that not all parents have access to smart phones, internet, printers and laptops. Parents are mostly not trained to teach classes, are not up to date with the CAPS curriculum and we recognise the fact that your house is a home and not a classroom.
  8. Thank you for being so positive during this time, for understanding and for getting involved in your child’s education.  We appreciate your patience and your trust in us.

Links to homework


We are aware of a confidential document, compiled by the DBE, that was leaked to the media.  This document was spread widely via social media and the newspapers.  This document contains dates when learners will return to school and how the process will be planned on a national level.                       Take cognisance of the fact that this document is as yet not the official policy of the DBE.  We are waiting patiently for these guidelines to be published.

As soon as we have received the official document, that indicates how and when schools should reopen, we will share it with you.

Please take note of the following matters that have been mentioned in the document:

  1. The gradual phasing in of grades starting from Grade 7 on 6 May to Grade R (as late as 15 July).  Another grade will return to school every two weeks to give schools the opportunity to see how the return process is progressing.
  2. The revising of learning material as well as assessments.
  3. No June exams.
  4. Alterations to the school calendar and holiday dates.
  5. The lengthening of the school day.
  6. No extra-mural activities for the rest of the year (sport and culture). No tours, concert or social activities.
  8. Hygiene of the learners and teachers WILL TAKE PRIORITY over everything. Sanitation packs will be supplied by the DBE so that classrooms and individuals are sanitised.
  9. We will determine a school strategy for the way forward as soon as we have received all the correct information from the DBE.
  10. Thank you for allowing your child/ren to enjoy the extended holiday and that you could use this period to relax as a family.


  1. WORKSHEET CLOUD (Optional)

Our English speaking parents, with children in Gr 4-7 are invited to join the daily video lessons on WorksheetCloud. You simply click the word WorksheetCloud in Google or go to their website on www.worksheetcloud.com.   You choose the grade of your child and the subject and your child can follow the video lesson. The Gr 4-7 parents also have the option to register for free on Vodacom e-school. It is your choice. There are several other options available. You can decide for yourself which online tutor suits your child’s needs the best and just go for it. It is up to you to decide.


  2. We know that times are currently difficult and everyone’s situation is different.
  3. I, once again, appeal to you to keep paying your school fees so that you don’t sit with a huge balance at the end of the year. Thank you to those of you who have paid unfailingly.
  4. Please keep us up to date of your situation and do not allow your account to escalate without discussing it with us. Please contact me or the treasurer, Mrs Elna Bierman, by email at requests@huttenpark.co.za.
  5. Parents who, amidst these difficult times, can afford to pay another child’s school fees can contact me or Mrs Sheila Lizen by email (finances@huttenpark.co.za). We can give you the bank details and a reference number.


By working together we can overcome this crisis.

Please don’t allow your children to go to the shops with you.

We are looking forward to seeing our friendly, happy faces and the chattering of children back at school soon.








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