Dear Parents



The third term is already in full swing.    Due to the restrictions, we may still only allow 50% of learners at school, so we continue with the alternation of boys and girls on alternative days.       I must add that things have been going really well at school despite the challenges we face daily.



Congratulations to Miss Sonja Cronjé (Gr 2AC) who married Stephen van Aswegen.   We  believe  they  will  be  very  happy together.

Mrs Wilma Meyer and her husband recently became a baby boy richer and they decided that she was going to be a stay at home mommy.    We thank her for the excellent work she has delivered to the Hutties in recent years.

Mrs Y Botes is on maternity leave until the end of the year and Mrs M Steenkamp will be the substitute teacher.


Many staff members were saddened by a death in the family:

Marinus Struwig (SGB Chairperson) and Yolandi (Financial Secretary) lost both his mother and father in short succession.

André Groenewald (Member of our SGB) mother passed away.

Teresa Young (Principal’s   personal assistant) dad passed away.

Johana Mostert (Admin Assistant) mom passed away.

Mr & Mrs Grobler’s brother-in-law who lived with them, also passed away.

Marié Jonker’s grandmother passed away.

Mr Nkonyana’s grandmother also passed away recently.

Grade 1 teacher Debbie Mc Donald’s father passed away yesterday having been ill for a long time.

We sympathize with all these staff with the loss of loved ones.


We were horrified to hear of the brutal murder of the Rafferty family from Normandien. Mrs R de Meyer (Gr 3 teacher is related to them).  This is a great loss and an extremely sad day for the Newcastle community.  We, as Hutties, support the Stop Farm Murders campaign as our country cannot afford to lose any more farmers. Our sympathies go out to the Rafferty and Collier families.



Your child will be assessed normally this quarter and a school report will be issued at the end of the term.   We are   going try to cover as much of the normal curriculum to prepare our pupils as well as possible for next year’s challenges.


Term 1, 3 and 4 marks will be used to determine if the learners maintained the required standard.

Please ensure that your child is thoroughly prepared for their tests and other assessments.   These marks will also determine progress to a next grade in 2021.


Included is a list of the Top 10 learners for term 1.   We believe it will also inspire all our pupils to work hard continuously.



We have noticed that pupils are staying home for no valid reason.  We assume that the entire Covid-19 situation might make it easier for parents to keep children at home.

The Government Gazette 43579 of 2 Augustus states: “ A learner must be marked absent in the attendance register when the learner is physically absent at school.”  Please study the content of these regulations at https://opengazettes.org.za/ZA/2020.

Part of the regulations state that a parent should apply for a child to be taught at home.   This application is then sent to the District Office for approval.   Learners with comorbidities should attach a medical certificate as proof of the specific condition.

Please note that from Monday 7 September NO e-learning will take place for learners who are not registered for comorbidities.    We urgently request that you send your child to school so that schooling can commence as normal as possible.  The classes remain small, and in the larger classes there are still not more than 15 pupils in a class.   We adhere to the protocol requirements very strictly.  We find that pupils are really struggling with socializing, communication and adaptation to school if they stay at home for too long.

E-Lessons will only be sent to learners with approved applications. Please contact me, or Mr Gray, should you have uncertainty regarding the situation



The amended school calendar has been sent out to you, and is also available on the school’s website.  If not re-amended again, the school closes on 23 October for a few days and opens again on 2 November for the 4th term.  The school then closes on the 15th  of December and the current indication is that schools will start for teachers on the 25th  of January.  Learners will start a day or two later. No date has yet been determined.  The current negotiations on the matric examination starting date can cause dates to be amended.



Class and individual photographs will be taken on 7 Sept (girls) and 8 Sept (boys). Please do not send money to school in advance, but only on the day that the photos will be taken.  Please make use of the envelope supplied to you.


With business and life slowely returing back to semi-normality we would like to encourage all parents that made school fee arrangements with us to keep to the arrangements and to make payments as promised. With only four months left in this year we request that you ensure that you are up to date before the end of the year.


We have great appreciation for the parents that were in a position to keep paying their fees during the critical time of the pandemic.  You ensured that we could run the school successfully, by meeting our monthly obligations and to ensure that no staff needed to be retrenched.  As staff and SGB we also made big cuts in the budget in order to make ends meet.


I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank the staff for their commitment over the past few months.  They have really gone the extra mile with getting trained on Google Classroom and e-learning, by preparing lessons for the learners at school at the same time, making sure that work was sent home by e-mail and WhattsApp during the first part of the lockdown.  They have really done a sterling job and I am proud of each and every one of them.  They are all STARS!


Thank you to as parents for your great cooperation over the past months.







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